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About the Collection


Welcome to the Hispanic Liverpool Community Collection!

 This new digital archive is a place to record, preserve and share Liverpool’s forgotten Hispanic history. Part of the Hispanic Liverpool Project, it brings together stories, images and memories of Liverpool’s Spanish, Basque, Galician, Filipino and Latin American residents, from the nineteenth century until the present.

Liverpool’s role as a great port and commercial centre, a hub for the British and Spanish shipping routes that crisscrossed the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans, brought thousands of people to the city from all over the Hispanic world. Some settled permanently, and their descendants remain in the city today. Some stayed for just days or weeks on their way to somewhere else (usually North or South America). Some returned frequently, as ships’ crews or to visit family or business associates. Others stayed for months or years and then returned home, carrying with them memories of their life in Liverpool. We have records of thousands of Hispanic Liverpudlians from all walks of life, but their stories have been forgotten and they are not included in Liverpool’s official history.

The Hispanic Liverpool Community Collection showcases the stories, images and memories of Liverpool’s Hispanic communities. It’s an open-access digital collection that can be viewed by anybody with a computer and we positively welcome contributions!