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How to Contribute

We welcome both contributions of original material and further information or corrections to our featured collections. There are several different ways to contribute. You can:

  1. Upload your own scanned photos or stories via this website.
  2. Send your photos or stories to us ( and we will upload them for you.
  3. Attend one of our roadshow events, where we will have photo scanners, voice recorders and opportunities to write down your stories for the Collection. Upcoming events will be announced on the Hispanic Liverpool Project website.


Project Interviews

If you have a lot of material to contribute, or you are willing to be interviewed in person for the project, please contact us either by email ( or via our site contact form, and we can arrange for somebody to visit you. 


Donating your material collections

If you have a personal or family collection of photographs, documents or other objects that you would like to preserve, please contact us either by email ( or via our site contact form, and we will be pleased to put you in touch with an appropriate archive.


Public or Private Submission?

When you submit an item, you are asked to click publish my contribution on the web in order to make your item publicly available. We expect that most contributors will want to share their contributions with collection users, so please remember to click the box!

Occasionally, you may wish to make an item available only to the project team. If so, leave publish my contribution on the web blank, and the item will be uploaded to the collection, but not available to the public.

See the HLCC's terms and conditions for full information about the guarantees associated with different forms of submisson.