The Hispanic Liverpool Community Collection

Francisco Madariaga; on  retirement allotment (near Sefton Park) with son Pedro; walking in Malaga, in old age..jpg
Family photographs of Francisco Madariaga, c.1940s-1970s

Contributed by:

Lindah Kiddey

Date added:

Oct 2, 2015

Date of the photo:

Top left: c.1960s
Bottom left: c. 1945
Right: early 1970s

Location of the photo:

Top left: Malaga, Spain
Bottom left: Francisco's retirement allotment, near Sefton Park 

Description of the Photo:
Top left: Francisco walking in Malaga, Spain
Bottom left: Francisco in his retirement allotment near Sefton Park, Liverpool, with son Peter.
Right: portrait of Francisco in old age

Additional information:
Francisco Madariaga, Lindah's grandfather, came to Liverpool from the Basque Country in the early 20th century.