The Hispanic Liverpool Community Collection

Rolindez Madariaga with friend or possibly sister, in catholic communion dress, as a toddler..jpg
Family photographs of Rolindez Madariaga as a child

Contributed by:

Lindah Kiddey

Date added:

Oct 2, 2015

Photographed by:

Left: unknown studio shot
Centre: Parisian Studios
Right: Vandyke Studios

Date of the photo:


Location of the photo:

Left: unknown
Centre: Parisian Studios, Liverpool
Right: Vandyke Studios, Smithdown Rd, Liverpool

Description of the Photo:

Left: Rolindez Madariaga (right), with friend or possibly sister, c.1928-30
Centre: Rolindez Madariaga in Catholic communion dress, c.1925
Right: Rolindez Madariaga as a toddler, c. 1922-23

Rolindez Madariaga was the daughter of Francisco Madariaga and Anastasia Foruria, who came to Liverpool from the Basque Country. The photographs were contributed by Rolindez's daughter, Lindah.