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SHIP_Querida Walters 1841.jpg
Painting of the Spanish Merchant Frigate Querida (c. 1842)

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Kirsty Hooper

Date added:

Jul 24, 2020

Artist's/Creator's name:

Samuel Walters (1811-1882), Liverpool Marine Artist. The hand-coloured lithograph is by Day and Haghe, lithographers to the Queen.

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Hand-coloured lithograph of an original painting

The Spanish merchant frigate "Querida" ["Beloved"] was built in Bilbao in 1841 and destined for the Spanish colonial trade with Havana and Manila. From 1842, she made several voyages between Liverpool and these ports under Captains Jimenez (1841-1842), Arias (1842-1844) and Larrinaga (1844-1846). Captain Ramon de Larrinaga may well have been the father of Ramon Larrinaga Luzarraga.

The painting most likely shows the Querida arriving in Liverpool in 1842, en route to Manila.