The Hispanic Liverpool Community Collection

WWI Alien Identity Book for Micaela Viñas, nee Vilarelle Rey (Liverpool, 1918)

Contributed by:

J Carmen Smith

Date added:

Jul 22, 2015

Document type:

WWI Alien Identity book

Date of event:

15 October 1918


85 Upper Frederick St, Liverpool (home address)
Santiago de Compostela, Coruña province, Spain (birthplace)

People involved:

Micaela Viñas (nee Vilarelle Rey) was the maternal grandmother of J Carmen Smith

The instructions printed on the front and back covers of the identity book remind the holder that they must inform the Police every time they are away from home for more than 14 days. It also states that alien residents were subject to a curfew from 10pm to 6am.

There is a photograph of Micaela. The personal description filled in by the police officer states that she is 4 ft 9 ins, of medium build, with dark brown hair. Under 'distinctive marks' he has written 'ears pierced'.

Micaela has completed her own personal details. She states that she was born on 1 November 1879 in 'Coruña (province), Santiago', that she is Spanish and that she now resides at 85 Upper Frederick St, Liverpool. She does not work, and describes herslef as 'House Holder', although another hand has added 'wife of the'.

Micaela lists her husband as José Viñas and her children as Pilar Viñas, b. England 1908, and Antonio Viñas, b. England 1914. Her previous residence was 12 Liver St, Liverpool, and she arrived in 1904. Her father's name is José Vilarelle and her mother's name is Encarnación Mateu, both born in Coruña. Her husband was born in 'Batantos' [Betanzos?] in Coruña.

Micaela states that she has not previously had an identity book, and that no male relative has fought for or against Britain or her Allies during the present war. Her application has two witnesses: Thomas K Jarvis, a bread shop manager of 20 Copperfield St, Toxteth, and Michael Williams, a former soldier ['discharged from Army'] of 135 Upper Frederick St. 

Under 'endorsements and remarks' at the end of the book, Micaela's new address at Southdean Rd, Finch Lane, Liverpool is first noted and authorized on 24 May 1938, and subsequently in 1939 and 1940.