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Francisco de Madariaga.jpg
Francisco de Madariaga, chef (c.1910-1919)

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Frank Madariaga

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Jul 24, 2015

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c. 1910-1919

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Portrait of Francisco de Madariaga (1888-1975), paternal grandfather of Frank Madariaga.

Additional information:
Francisco is pictured in his chef's whites. He was born in Pedernales in the Spanish Basque Country and at 14 years of age, left home to train as a chef in Paris.

Francisco de Madariaga
Information from Peter Madariaga (email, 6 December 2014)

Francisco arrived in Liverpool in 1912 age 24 to work as a chef at the refurbished Adelphia Hotel. He married my mum, Anastasia Foruria at St Patrick's church, Liverpool in 1915 and started his first company as a ship's chandler, supplying provisions to the many ships calling into the port of Liverpool.