The Hispanic Liverpool Community Collection

Basque flag carved by Eusebio Learreta, a carpenter, during the Spanish Civil War

Contributed by:

Cristina Vila Bea

Date added:

Jul 30, 2015

Artist's/Creator's name:

Carved by Eusebio Learreta, maternal grandfather of Cristina Vila Bea, during the Spanish civil war. Eusebio was a carpenter by trade, and a Republican. He was born in Mundaka (Vizcaya, Spain) and died in Liverpool in 1965.

Date of creation:

During the Spanish Civil War, 1936-39.

Location(s) depicted:



Wood. Paint.

The carving shows a man in white holding a Basque flag, flanked by four crouching men, also dressed in white. There are four carved and painted squares along the top and bottom of the carving.