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Learreta Echave family, Liverpool, 1930s
Learreta Echave family, Liverpool, 1930s

Contributed by:

Cristina Vila Bea

Date added:

Jul 30, 2015

Photographed by:


Date of the photo:

c. 1932-34

Location of the photo:

Unknown, probably Liverpool

Description of the Photo:

The photograph shows the Learreta Echave family:

Mari-Cruz Learreta Echave (b. 1922, Liverpool)
(front) Alberto Learreta Echave (b. 1927, Liverpool)
(back) Eusebio Learreta
Adelaida Echave
(front) Aurelia Echave Learreta (b. 1927, Liverpool)
(back) Josefina Echave Learreta (b. 1918, Liverpool)

Aurelia was the mother of Cristina Vila Bea.

Additional information:
Eusebio Learreta and Adelaida Echave both came to Liverpool from the province of Vizcaya, in Spain's Basque Country. They married at Liverpool St Patrick in 1913 and had 9 children.