The Hispanic Liverpool Community Collection

Gatepost of Villa Maria, Alexandra Drive, Liverpool


Contributed by:

Kirsty Hooper

Date added:

Jul 31, 2015

Photographed by:

Kirsty Hooper

Date of the photo:

12 February 2012

Location of the photo:

Villa Maria, 23 Alexandra Drive, Sefton Park, Liverpool

Description of the Photo:
The photograph shows the original carved stone gatepost for the mansion house "Villa Maria", which was owned by Teodoro and Maria Larrinaga, of the Larrinaga shipping family.

Additional information:
Teodoro and Maria de Larrinaga were cousins. They married in Liverpool in 1897 and had four children: Mercedes, Ramon, Niceto and Esperanza.

After Teodoro's early death on 2 January 1913, Maria remained at Villa Maria for more than thirty years. The house is now divided into flats.