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Robe of pink damask silk, owned by Minnie de Larrinaga

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Object/Item in the collections of World Museum Liverpool

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Oct 2, 2015

Date of creation:

Early 20th century


Damask silk, silk embroidery thread.

Museum accession number: 1991.121.128 

Catalogue details: Robe of pink damask silk decorated with roundels containing paired dragons. Edges with borders of black silk embroidered with blue and white flowers, fans, castanets, swords (Daoist symbols). Interior of sleeved lined with ivory silk. Owned by Minnie de Larrinaga.

Additional information:
Minnie de Larrinaga (nee de Abreu) was the wife of Liverpool shipping owner Domingo de Larrinaga. Her father was Brazilian and her mother was German; she grew up in London, and married Domingo in Liverpool in 1912. She died in Liverpool on 23 June 1922.

The Larrinaga shipping company had sailed between Liverpool and Manila, via Singapore, since the 1860s. The family had representatives in Manila and at staging points en route for many years; Minnie's collection of Asian items would probably have come through these connections.