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Lacquer sewing box, from World Museum Liverpool's Larrinaga collection

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Object/Item in the collections of World Museum Liverpool

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Oct 2, 2015

Date of creation:

Early 20th century?


Wood and lacquer

Museum accession number: 1991.121.69 

Catalogue text: A lacquer sewing box, the top with the monogram E.L., the cover opening to reveal a fitted interior with ivory utensils, a single drawer below

Display text: Lacquer furniture was very popular with merchants who traded with China. The Larrinaga family had many pieces made specially with their initials included in the designs.

Additional information:
The Larrinaga shipping company had sailed between Liverpool and Manila, via Singapore, since the 1860s. The family had representatives in Manila and at staging points en route for many years; Their collection of decorative Asian items would probably have come through these connections.

EL could be Ena de Larrinaga (b.1916), daughter of Domingo and Minnie, or her cousin Esperanza de Larrinaga (b. 1904), daughter of Domingo's sister Maria and her husband Teodoro de Larrinaga.