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Anastasia Madariage with children; Enrique (Henry) and baby Rolindez.jpg
Anastasia Madariaga, with children Enrique (Henry) and baby Rolindez, c.1921

Contributed by:

Lindah Kiddey

Date added:

Oct 2, 2015

Date of the photo:


Location of the photo:

Unknown, probably Liverpool

Description of the Photo:
Anastasia Madariaga (nee Foruria) is shown with her children Enrique (Henry), and Rolindez (Lindah's mother), who was born in 1921. Anastasia came to Liverpool from the Basque Country.

Anastasia is wearing an elegant, embroidered blouse, with a Spanish peineta (large comb) in her hair. Enrique is wearing a sailor suit, and baby Rolindez has a white headband with a large ribbon (or flower?) to one side.