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Axpe Busturia, Vizcaya.  Chapel close to where Anastasia Madariage de Forruria was born+ Sr. Learetta, her brother in law at  family farmhouse..jpg
Two photographs of Busturia, the home village of Anastasia Madariaga (nee Foruria)

Contributed by:

Lindah Kiddey

Date added:

Oct 2, 2015

Date of the photo:

Early to mid 20th century

Location of the photo:

The Foruria family home (left) and the chapel in the village of Axpe, part of the small Basque town of Busturia.

Description of the Photo:
Sr. Learetta, brother in law of Anastasia Madariaga (nee Foruria) outside the family home in Busturia (left)

The chapel at Busturia-Axpe, close to where Anastasia Foruria was born. Anastasia left Busturia for Liverpool in the early 20th century.