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2015-12 The Barbosa Family.pdf
The Barbosa Family of Liverpool and Salford

Contributed by:

John De la Cruz

Date added:

Dec 21, 2015

Document type:

The story of the Barbosa family of Liverpool and Salford, as researched and recorded by John De la Cruz

Date of event:

1852 - 1984


Lisbon, Portugal, Liverpool, Limerick, Ireland, Salford, France, East Africa, Killarney, Co. Kerry, Cardigan Bay, Falmouth, Manchester, Somme, Thiepval, Bury Union Workhouse, Woolwich Dockyard, Tanzania, Birmingham

People involved:

João Antonio (John) and Ellen (Murphy) Barbosa
Their children: Louis, Irene, Ellen, John, Michael, Peter, Joseph, and Henry Barbosa.

João Antonio (John) and second wife, Margaret (Meara) Barbosa, and their son Anthony Barbosa.