The Hispanic Liverpool Community Collection

Micaela (nee Vilarelle) and Jose Viñas (Liverpool, c. 1907)

Contributed by:

J Carmen Smith

Date added:

Jul 22, 2015

Photographed by:


Date of the photo:

Approx. 1907

Location of the photo:

Unknown, probably Liverpool

Description of the Photo:
José Viñas Novo and Micaela Viñas (nee Vilarelle Rey). They are the maternal grandparents of J Carmen Smith.

José and Micaela were both from Galicia in the North West of Spain. Micaela arrived in Liverpool in 1904, and she and José, a seaman, married in 1907. You can read a little more about their lives in this short essay which their grand-daughter, J Carmen Smith contributed to the Hispanic Liverpool project.

Additional information:
The reverse of the picture has writing on it, in two different hands. The blue biro reading 'My dear mother and father' is the handwriting of J Carmen Smith's mother. The same pen has been used to cross out the elegant black handwriting in Spanish.

We have looked closely at the Spanish writing, and have managed to reconstruct the following:

Nuestro *** / Our ***
eterno te remito / eternal I send you
este retrato [illegible] / this portrait
Micaela [fragmented]
a de [fragmented]
Jose [fragmented]