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Alien Registration Certificate for Micaela Vilarelle de Viñas (Liverpool, 1918)

Contributed by:

J Carmen Smith

Date added:

Jul 22, 2015

Document type:

Alien Registration Certificate issued by the Spanish Consulate in Liverpool

Date of event:

1 October 1918


Santiago [de Compostela] in the province of Coruña (birthplace)
Liverpool (current residence)

People involved:

Micaela Vilarelle de Viñas is the maternal grandmother of J Carmen Smith.

The certificate was issued to Micaela by the Spanish consulate in Liverpool. It records that Micaela Vilarelle de Viñas, native of Santiago in the province of Coruña, aged 38 and married, is no. 256 in the consulate's register of Spanish subjects for 1918.

Interestingly, the certificate records her as a 'transeunte' or 'temporary resident,' although she settled in Liverpool in 1904 and never returned to Spain.

Additional information:
The form includes a small photograph of Micaela.