The Hispanic Liverpool Community Collection

Madeline Tyrrell de la Cruz.jpg
Marriage certificate of Juan de la Cruz and Bridget Cahill (Liverpool, 1922)

Contributed by:

Gerard Tyrrell

Date added:

Jul 24, 2015

Document type:

Authorized copy of a marriage certificate, issued at the General Register Office

Date of event:

Jan/Feb/March? 1922 (handwritten at top)
18 April 2001 (issue date)


The Register Office, Liverpool
72 Pitt St, Liverpool (groom's address)
6 Chesterfield St, Toxteth Park (bride's address)

People involved:

Juan Cruz, age 33, marine fireman (groom; Gerard Tyrrell's maternal grandfather)
Bridget Cahill, age 22, domestic servant (bride; Gerard Tyrrell's maternal grandmother)
Paulino Cruz (deceased; Gerard Tyrrell's great grandfather)
Matthew Cahill (general labourer; Gerard Tyrrell's great grandfather)
Philip de la Cruz (witness)
Ellen Foster (witness)

This is a copy of a marriage certificate for Gerard Tyrrell's maternal grandparents. The marriage took place in 1922, although the image is missing the left-hand side where the date is specified.