The Hispanic Liverpool Community Collection

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Ysabel González, nee Ysabel Marcos Fernández (Spain?, c.1885-1900)

Contributed by:

Ann Monaghan

Date added:

Jul 22, 2015

Photographed by:


Date of the photo:

c. 1885-1900?

Location of the photo:

In Spain?

Description of the Photo:
Ysabel González (nee Ysabel Marcos Fernández), grandmother of Ann Monaghan.

Additional information:
Ysabel married Baltasar González and had four children, all born in Liverpool: Carmen Monserrat (b. 1907), José (b. 1909), Francisco Froilán (b. 1913), and Baltasara Isabel (b. 1915). Baltasara was Ann's mother.