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John de la Cruz (I), Naturalization Certificate (1911)

Contributed by:

John de la Cruz (IV)

Date added:

Jul 25, 2015

Document type:

Naturalization certificate

Date of event:

24 June 1846 (birth date)
1911 (date of issue; not visible)


16 Frederick St, Liverpool (current residence)
Manila, Philippines (birth place)

People involved:

  • John de la Cruz (I); great grandfather of John de la Cruz (IV)
  • Right Honourable Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill (Principal Secretary of State)
  • Mariano and Josephina de la Cruz; parents of John (I) and great-great grandparents of John de la Cruz (IV)
  • Benjamin and Henry de la Cruz, sons of John de la Cruz (I) and great uncles of John de la Cruz (IV).

This naturalization certificate states that John de la Cruz, a subject of the United States of America born in Manila and a ship's cook, is married and has two children under age residing with him. The second page of the document (not shown) would show the authorization.

Additional information:
John de la Cruz (I) was born in Manila in 1846 and died at sea off the coast of Islay, Scotland, in November 1911.