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Prayer book of Isabel Marcos Fernández (1889)

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Robbie Monaghan

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Aug 12, 2015

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The prayer book of Robbie's great-grandmother, Isabel Marcos Fernández

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Barcelona (publication place)

This prayer book was brought to Liverpool from Spain by Isabel Marcos Fernández at the beginning of the 20th century. She kept it all her life and it is now looked after by her grand daughter, Ann Monaghan.

Its full title is Áncora de salvación o devocionario que suministra a los fieles copiosos medios para caminar a la perfección, y a los párrocos abundantes recursos para santificar la parroquia / Anchor of Salvation or Devotionary that provides the faithful with abundant means to reach perfection, and provides parish priests with abundant resources for increasing the holiness of their parish

This hugely popular book was written and complied by the Catalan Jesuit, father José Mach (1810-1885). This edition, the 59th, was published in Barcelona in 1889; the first edition had appeared in 1854, and new editions would be published regularly until the 1920s.

Short biography (in Spanish) of José Mach