The Hispanic Liverpool Community Collection

Saturnina Clemencot (Liverpool, 1882 - Formby, 1981)

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Object/Item in the collections of the Museum of Liverpool. Donated by the Elordieta Forster family, 2006

Date added:

Aug 14, 2015

Photographed by:

Vanderbilt Studios, Liverpool

Date of the photo:

Early 20th century

Location of the photo:

Vanderbilt Photography Studios, either 12 James St or 67 Church St, Liverpool, or 241 Grange Rd, Birkenhead

Description of the Photo:
Saturnina Clemencot, standing. Saturnina was born in Liverpool in 1882, the daughter of Prudencio Clemencot and Ignacia Ansuategui, both from the Basque fishing port of Elantxobe. She died in Formby in 1981.

Additional information:
Museum of Liverpool catalogue data: MLL.2006.10.2 - Photograph Saturnina Clemencot standing. Studio photograph by Vanderbilt, 12 James Street and 67 Church Street, Liverpool