The Hispanic Liverpool Community Collection

2015-08-21 Murphy letter holder REV.jpg
Letter holder sent to Isabel Marcos in Liverpool by her brother Emilio in Havana

Contributed by:

Joe Murphy and Ann Monaghan

Date added:

Aug 29, 2015

Date of creation:

Early 20th century


Red material (velvet?) with colourful cotton or silk embroidery and twisted piping.

This is a letter holder, perhaps designed to be hung on a wall or propped on a desk. It is embroidered with the word 'Recuerdo' , which can mean 'memory' or 'souvenir'.

Additional information:
The letter holder was sent to Isabel Marcos Fernández (Llanera, 1873 - Liverpool, 1955) by her brother Emilio, who lived in Havana, Cuba. Isabel was the maternal grandmother of Ann Monaghan and Joe Murphy. She married her husband Baltasar González in Spain in 1903, and they moved to Liverpool shortly afterwards.