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The Elordieta y Clemencot Family of 41 Hurst Street, Wapping, Liverpool

Contributed by:

James Loughlin

Date added:

Sep 3, 2015

Document type:

The story of the Clemencot y Elordieta family, as recorded by James Loughlin from conversations with Marcela Elordieta and his grandmother Molly Petcovich

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Date of event:

c.1890s - 2004


Nos. 39 and 41 Hurst Street, Wapping, Liverpool
Paradise Street, Liverpool
Fazakerley Hospital, Longmoor Lane, Liverpool
Prince Edward Island, Canada
Norfolk, Virginia

People involved:

The Elordieta y Clemencot family: Prudencio and Ignacia Clemencot, their daughters Saturnina ('Satur') and Alejandra ('Alice') Clemencot, Saturnina's husband Vicente Doroteo Elordieta, and their children Marcela and Vicente Doroteo Elordieta.

The Petcovich family: Molly, Josephine and Rose Petcovich, of 39 Hurst St. Molly was James Loughlin's grandmother.

The Uribe family: Leoncio Uribe and his sister Dolores Uribe.

Additional information:
The story includes a fine sketch of 39 Hurst St, former home of the Petcovich family, by Liz Crick, grand-daughter of Molly McBride nee Petcovich.