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Portrait of Auguste Le Doux, the mother-in-law of Don Domingo de Larrinaga, painted in Hong Kong

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Object/Item in the collections of World Museum Liverpool

Date added:

Oct 2, 2015

Artist's/Creator's name:

Lee Heng. According to the Museum of Liverpool display caption, Lee Heng was a Chinese artist working in a European style.

Date of creation:

Late 19th or early 20th century


Oil on canvas?


Museum accession number: LIV.2003.66.2

Catalogue details:
Portrait of Mrs Richard Le Doux. Mrs Richard Le Doux of 'Marfield', West Derby, Liverpool, mother-in-law of Don Domingo de Larrinaga. First name August. Mother of Minnie Le Doux (Domingo's wife).

Additional information:
The identification needs further clarification. Domingo de Larrinaga's wife was Minnie de Abreu (married 1912). She was the daughter of Antonio Jose de Abreu (b. Rio de Janeiro, c.1846), in 1881 an employee of the Brazilian Treasury in London, and his wife Auguste Josephine Sophie Le Doux (b. Germany, c.1851). So while Auguste is the mother in law of Domingo de Larrinaga, she was Mrs Antonio Jose de Abreu, rather than Mrs Richard Le Doux. Auguste was the sister of Richard Gustave Le Doux (b. Germany c.1850 - d. West Derby 1914). He became a naturalised British subject in July 1878. Minnie may have been named for her uncle's wife, as Richard married Minnie Laura Hurndale (b. Swansea c. 1859 - d. Marlfield, West Derby, 1916) in 1876 in West Derby.

We need to clarify whether the portrait is of the mother in law of Domingo de Larrinaga, Auguste de Abreu, nee Le Doux, or of Mrs Richard Le Doux (nee Minnie Hurndale), aunt of Domingo's wife.