The Hispanic Liverpool Community Collection

Wedding of Saturnina Clemencot and Doroteo Elordieta.png
Group at the Wedding of Saturnina Clemencot and Doroteo Vicente Elordieta, Liverpool, 14 June 1908

Contributed by:

James Loughlin

Date added:

Sep 3, 2015

Date of the photo:

14 June 1908

Location of the photo:

Unknown - probably a studio in Liverpool

Description of the Photo:
The photograph shows a group at the wedding of Doroteo Vicente Elordieta (1883, Gauteguiz de Arteaga, Spain - 1921, lost at sea) and Saturnina Clemencot (1882, Liverpool - 1981, Formby). Saturnina and her family lived at 41 Hurst Street, and were the friends and neighbours of the Petcovich family of no. 39. Molly Petcovich was the grandmother of James Loughlin.

Unknown (standing)
Doroteo Vicente Elordieta (groom, seated)
Dolores Uribe (bridesmaid, age 10, seated)
Alejandra Clemencot (standing)
Unknown (bridesmaid, standing)
Unknown - possibly Leoncio Uribe (age 8, standing)
Saturnina Clemencot (bride, seated)
Unknown - possibly Leoncio Clemencot (standing)
Unknown (bridesmaid, standing)

Additional information:
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