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Saturnina (Clemencot) and Doroteo Elordieta, with child seated on knee (c.1910)

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Object/Item in the collections of the Museum of Liverpool. Donated by the Elordieta Forster family, 2006

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Aug 14, 2015

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Vanderbilt photographic studio

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Vanderbilt photographic studio: either 12 James St or 67 Church St, Liverpool, or 241 Grange Rd, Birkenhead

Description of the Photo:
The photograph shows Saturnina (Clemencot) and Doroteo Vicente Elordieta, with a baby. Saturnina and Doroteo married in Liverpool in 1908 and lived with Saturnina's parents at 41 Hurst St. They had three children: Vicente (b. Liverpool, 1910), Marcela (b. Liverpool, 1912) and Nila (b. Liverpool, 1916). The baby in this photograph may be the couple's eldest child, Vicente, which would allow us to date the photograph to 1910 or early 1911.

Additional information:
Museum of Liverpool catalogue data: MLL.2006.10.3 - Photograph, Saturnina and Doroteo Elordieta with child seated on knee.  Studio photograph by Vanderbilt, Liverpool