The Hispanic Liverpool Community Collection

Pillow case, broderie anglaise edging, embroidered 'M[aria?] C[lemencot]'

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Object/Item in the collections of the Museum of Liverpool. Donated by the Elordieta Forster family, 2006

Date added:

Aug 14, 2015

Artist's/Creator's name:

Unknown. The initials 'MC' may refer to a member of the Clemencot family.

Date of creation:

Unknown. Probably late nineteenth or early twentieth century.


Linen or cotton

This is a cotton or linen pillowcase edged in broderie anglaise ('English embroidery'). It is an example of whitework, in which the embroidery thread is the same colour as the fabric. There are initials embroidered between the edging and the decorative band - MC or possibly ME.