The Hispanic Liverpool Community Collection

Satur and Alice Clemencot.png
Saturnina and Alejandra Clemencot, of 41 Hurst St, Liverpool

Contributed by:

James Loughlin

Date added:

Sep 3, 2015

Photographed by:

Vanderbilt Photographic Studio

Date of the photo:

Probably before 1908, date of Saturnina's marriage to Doroteo Vicente Elordieta

Location of the photo:

10 James Street, Liverpool

Description of the Photo:
The photograph shows sisters Saturnina 'Satur' Clemencot (Liverpool 1882 - Formby 1981) and her sister Alejandra 'Alice' Clemencot (Liverpool 1880 - 1923). They were the daughters of Prudencio Clemencot and Ygnacia Ansuategui, who came to Liverpool from the Basque village of Elantxobe.

Additional information:
Saturnina and Alejandra Clemencot lived at 41 Hurst St, next door to their friend Molly Petcovich and her sisters at no. 39. Molly Petcovich was the grandmother of James Loughlin.